About Us

Our Core Values


We are strong in everything that we do. We thrive on physical and emotional strength, bringing our best performance to the table each and every day for you, our Client Partners. We believe that we MUST be strong in order to fully serve the needs of our client partners and their best interests


We take Pride in everything that we do. We love what we do and show our pride with every shingle that we lay and every nail we hammer‎. We also take pride in the unique and special relationships we build with our Client Partners. Making you completely happy and satisfied, is our main objective


Established in 1984, Kienitz Roofing Ltd. ‎greatly values a unique heritage and culture, which lends itself to hard and honest work with an emphasis on integrity and value. John Kienitz’s father, started Kienitz Roofing Ltd. over 30 years ago and the tradition of organic skills, high values with a commitment to our Client Partners are still delivered on every job with complete consistency each day.

Our Team

John Kienitz

Owner, Contractor

John Kienitz has roofing in his blood. His father started Kienitz Roofing Ltd. In 1984 when John was just a youngster. John recalls an early fascination with roofing, seeing work crews on his way too and from school knowing early on in life that this is what he wanted to do for a living. After working in the industry for others for a number of years, John decided to strike out on his own. He re-started Kienitz Roofing Ltd. In 2006 in honour of his Father, John has established the Kienitz Brand as a go to source for roofing and exterior solutions in the KW area. A true expert in all things roofing, John brings his clients the experience, knowledge and attention to detail sure to benefit them in every way!